SoundCloud Rebrand

This rebrand focuses on expanding the website beyond its digital form while envisioning it across different media types: printed material, web application, events, and interactive installation.

I explored the brand focusing on how SoundCloud, unlike many other audio platforms, was able to create a community among music lovers and creators alike.




The posters focused on the idea of a SoundCloud hosted festival that featured their artists. Each festival would focus on three different genres: two of different tastes and one that both audiences could enjoy. 
Each genre would be held on a separate stage for their views to explore, much like the website.

While viewing the poster, users can open up their SoundCloud app, point their camera at the poster, and watch the audio visualizer animate in augmented reality to the song being represented. Commentary will be shown and the user can even add their own. When clicking on the song, the user will then be directed to the page of the artist.














The website aims to restructure the way users discover new music. Your stream, now playing, and discover is now all on the same page. Each section is organized in tabs, allowing you to reorganize and swap out the genres you are most interested in.

Watch the full web design in the video below.






Below is the process of testing out and making this brand image and event come to life. Check it out! You are all invited.